insurance & payments

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash & checks

To make an online payment, please log in to your patient portal.

The treatment recommended for your child will be based on what is best for your child’s dental health – not on what insurance may or may not cover. We are not signed up with any insurance plans, therefore we have no relationship with your insurance provider.

As a courtesy, we will accept assignment of benefits for your plan, which means that we will file the paperwork for you, and then the insurance company will send reimbursement directly to us.

Please check with your insurance company for verification of your dental benefits as most plans cover only a portion of the fee incurred.

Payment of the estimated balance will be due the day of the appointment when service is rendered.

You will be responsible for the full balance that the insurance company does not pay. When we receive payment from the insurance company, we will compare what they paid to what we estimated and adjust your balance accordingly.

You may still have a small balance, or you may get a small credit. Please contact us for our Financial Policy for additional information.